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Foodie Christmas Gifts To Add to Your Wish List

30th November 2017

By MACROS | Published on November 30, 2017

Friends and family starting to ask you want you want from Santa? Struggling with what to buy your loved ones? Our festive gift guide, crammed with healthy goodness, cool gadgets and fancy DIY kits, will get your creative juices flowing!


Gift sets

Raw Halo Chocolate Celebration Box

Raw chocolate

These stylishly wrapped raw chocolate bars combine superfoods with rich Peruvian cacao. Tantalising flavour combinations include: zingy dark + lemon and pink Himalayan salt, mylk + goji berries and vanilla, and dark chocolate + mint. Raw chocolate is much healthier than standard choccy as it boasts high levels of antioxidants, magnesium and iron; plus, Raw Halo only use small amounts of amino acid-rich coconut sugar to sweeten the confectionary.

Price: £18.99 | $25.25


Aduna Christmas Gift set


This striking set comprises your choice of one of Aduna’s three award-winning superfood powders: baobab superfruit, moringa superleaf and super-cacao, and a matching storage tin. The design fuses traditional African wax print designs with a pop-art twist, bringing a burst of African vibrancy to your kitchen.

Price: £14.99 | $19.68


Nutural World Festive Spread Collection

Nurtural World

This collection of vegan gourmet products includes: hazelnut and carob spread – made with 95% hazelnuts and 5% carob – and chocolate halva spread which combines sumptuous chocolate with sesames and dates to produce a rich Oriental exotic flavour. There’s also pecan and figs spread, made with 90% pecans and tastes similar to a rich Christmas pudding.

Price: £15.99


Stocking fillers

Clif Bar

Clif bar

These classic, nutritious bars made from organic rolled oats are created to fuel adventures. The range includes blueberry crisp, cool mint chocolate, crunchy peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal raison walnut and more.

Price: £1.60 (per bar)


Of The Earth Organic Hot Chocolate Maca

Hot chocolate

This rich, creamy hot chocolate contains a mixture of Peruvian cacao powder, banana flakes, lucuma and maca (known as the fountain of youth in Peru) and is consequently loaded with essential minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants to help you detoxify, beautify and balance.

Price: £5.99


Real Kombucha


These fermented bottled drinks are a great non-alcoholic alternative and boast a very low sugar content, making it perfect for those trying to watch their figure. The beverages are made from a combination of brewing the best fine teas and the company’s own unique culture and fermentation process.

Price: £2.50 (per bottle)


Jujube Snacks


Popular in the Far East, the jujube fruit is a berry is from the buckthorn family and boasts 18 out of 24 important amino acids which are essential for the formation of over 50,000 proteins. Abakus Foods offer them as the pitted whole fruit, crunchy jujube crisps and jujube stuffed with nuts. Similar to dates, they make a sweet snack or can be using in baking or porridge.

Price: £12.99 | $17.21 (for a gift jar)


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Superfast Thermapen Digital Thermometer


This sophisticated digital thermometer features a patented 360° self-rotating display, which is ideal for testing the temperature of turkey, and a motion-sensing sleep mode. According to foodie bible, Chefs Illustrated, it’s the “Ferrari of food thermometers.”

Price: £64.80 | $84.24




This portion control gadget is based on NHS guidelines which can help users to gain, maintain or lose weight. It’s divided into six compartments, designated for each of the main food groups, including proteins, liquid proteins, fats, carbohydrates, oils, dried grains, pulses and oats, helping you to differentiate between food groups, control portion sizes and your daily calorie intake to ensure a balanced diet.

Price: £39.99 | $52.95


Joseph Joseph Nest 7 Piece Set of Bowls & Measuring Cups

Joseph Joseph

This colourful Joseph Joseph kitchen set comprises of two mixings bowls – which have non-slip bases and handles – and five measuring cups. All of the items stack conveniently together and are dishwasher safe.

Price: £19.99 | $26.48



Grow Your Own Vegetables

grow your own

Save yourself a trip to the supermarket and kickstart your own kitchen garden. Choose from basil, chili peppers and kale and simply plant the seeds – all ready to go in a natural jute bag which will dissolve into the soil – in your garden.

Price £12.00 | $15.89


The Nut Kitchen Make Your Own Almond Drink Gift Box

almond milk

Surprisingly fuss free, this kit provides three jars of almond paste – made from hand-harvested Sicilian Avola almonds – which you simply need to mix with water. Perfect if you’re after a nutritious dairy-free, lactose-free drink.

Price: £20.85


Indigo Nutrition Pure Raw Chocolate Making Gift Set

raw chocolate

This set includes everything you need to make pure dark chocolate with goji berries and brazil nuts. The ingredients are 100% pure botanical and include cacao powder, cacao butter, raw agave nectar, and pure raw vanilla powder.

Price: £19.99 | $26.47


*If prices aren’t shown, the product unfortunately doesn’t ship to the US.