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8 Kitchen Hacks For Busy Moms

17th June 2017

By MACROS | Published on June 17, 2017

It can be hectic staying on top of your training and juggling kids.

Help yourself out by trying these kitchen essentials every mom and athlete should buy. This way both your goals and your families diets are catered to.


1. Individual peanut butter

The ‘to go’ packs of peanut butter come with two tablespoons in the cups. This makes it perfect for you to control you portions.


2. The largest ‘on the go’ meal bag

Not only do athletes have to plan food and carry meals but, when you’re also a mother, you spend a lot of your time in the car, running kids around. Buy a meal bag that’s big enough for the kids’ snacks, too, so that you don’t end up with five bags for the day.


3. Grab and go groceries

There are several grocery stores that let you build your shopping list online, pay a small fee, and schedule to pick up your groceries at a certain time. Simply drive up and they will load them in the car.


4. Airfryer

With this handy device you can cook all your meat at one time in the morning for that day. You can leave it on the counter unattended while you get ready for your day, too, because it automatically shuts off and leaves food covered until you’re ready to pack it up.

This is ideal for anyone with a busy schedule. You can also make the kids (or yourself) homemade French fries and healthy chicken nuggets in just a few minutes. They love it!


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5. Crockpot

You know how it is: you have your meal plan and get home late, but the kids must eat so you find yourself making something quick that doesn’t have the best nutritional value. Skip that! Get the Crock-Pot out in the morning, cook some chicken and veggies (or get creative with something from your meal plan) in it so that dinner is ready when everyone gets home late in the evening.

The benefits to this are that you’ll be on your meal plan, the kids get healthy food, it’s already done when you’re tired and, with Crock-Pot liners, clean up is easy!


6. Calming chamomile tea

Everyone knows that low carb days or weeks can leave an athlete feeling irritable. However, when you’re a mother you can’t exactly ‘lose it’ on the kids. Daily meditation and calming chamomile tea has helped me through those irritable days.


7. Dash buttons

You can place these all over your house. When you’re running low on something, you press the button and the refill will be shipped to your front door. You can set a cap on how many are ordered when buttons are pressed in case the little ones get a hold of them!


8. Individual protein packs

Don’t get caught without your protein. These are easy to stash away in the car, purse, desk, gym bag and won’t go bad for a long time.