Weight Loss

The Seven-day Diet Plan To Burn Fat

25th June 2017

By Allison Fahrenbach | Published on June 25, 2017

One-size fits all eating plans are so ’90s. Here’s how to make the typical fat burning diet plan way better, with Allison Moyer Fahrenbach, renowned hybrid athlete, CrossFitter nutritionist and trainer.



Meal 1: 30g oats (uncooked), sprinkle cinnamon, one sliced banana,15g raspberries, scoop of whey protein powder. Cook together

Meal 2: Fruit salad: mango, kiwi fruit, papaya, three boiled egg whites

Watch your total consumption of fruit. It’s high sugar and fructose content can be counterproductive when replenishing glycogen.

Meal 3: Two sushi rolls with whole grain or wild rice, one apple

Meal 4: Protein shake, banana, tablespoon of flaxseed oil

Meal 5: 350g lean steak & pepper sauce, potato, one cup salad, one cup veggies



Meal 1: 50g muesli with 200ml milk one cup mixed berries, protein shake

Meal 2: One cup grapes, low carb protein bar

Watch the inclusion of items like “low carb protein bars.” Try subbing in a low carb protein source like chicken or egg whites.

Meal 3: Chicken salad with 300g chicken, one tbsp olive oil

Meal 4: Protein shake, two canned salmon and dill open sandwiches on rye

Meal 5: Protein shake, prawn stir-fry on a bed of veggies, ½ cup rice


Wednesday – rest day

Meal 1: Two large fl at mushrooms, baby leaf spinach, 20g cream cheese, two poached egg whites

Start your day off with a breakfast higher in protein by adding more egg whites or whey protein into the mix.

Meal 2: Protein shake, two carrots dipped in 20g hummus, apple

Meal 3: Baked salmon fillets with spinach and leeks, 40g brown rice

Meal 4: Protein shake, peach, mixed nuts

Meal 5: 350g chicken breast, one small sweet potato, two medium carrots, one cup green veggies



Meal 1: Three-egg omelette, one sliced tomato, ½ sliced capsicum, two slices of whole wheat bread, banana

Meal 2: 200g tin tuna and chickpea salad, flaxseed oil

Meal 3: Tin of tuna, mashed avocado, olive oil and spinach on six whole grain crackers

Meal 4: Sardines, gherkins, beetroot, three whole grain crackers, protein shake

Consume your most carb-dense meal close to a training window so the carbs aren’t stored as fat.

Meal 5: Protein shake, grilled salmon on bed of veggies, beans, peas, carrots, olive oil, lemon


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Meal 1: Two boiled egg whites, two slices of whole wheat bread, fruit salad

Meal 2: Greek salad with 300g chicken breast, flaxseed oil

Meal 3: 400g Thai prawn and vegetable curry

Meal 4: Protein shake, diced banana and walnuts

Meal 5: Protein shake, 300g lean lamb loins, five mushrooms stuffed with feta, one cup of carrots, peas, and a small baked potato

Include larger amounts of mono-unsaturated fat in the diet to help with body composition and health, so switch lamb to salmon or tuna.



Meal 1: 50g oats, cinnamon, 100ml apple juice, cooked together. Scoop of whey protein

Meal 2: Protein shake, one cup grapes, one orange

Meal 3: 300g grilled cod, one cup (uncooked weight) brown rice, one cup mixed veggies

Meal 4: Protein shake, five slices of cantaloupe

Meal 5: Two grilled chicken breasts, tomato relish wrapped in lettuce leaves

Include larger amounts of mono-unsaturated fat in the diet to help with body composition and health, so switch lamb to salmon or tuna.



Meal 1: Three egg white omelette, 80g button mushrooms, diced tomato

Make sure you get several servings of green vegetables across the day as today lacks these in enough quantities.

Meal 2: Tuna, avocado and lemon juice salad

Meal 3: Sliced turkey breasts, mixed salad, whole wheat pita

Meal 4: Protein shake, beef jerky, orange

Meal 5: Protein shake, 350g beef in black bean sauce, two cups grilled asparagus, capsicum, onion, celery, small baked potato