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Why Cinnamon And Curcumin Will Help You Lose Weight

29th January 2017

By MACROS | Published on January 29, 2017

Cut a lean physique using these flavoursome additions to your culinary expertise: cinnamon and curcumin.



The perfect pancake companion, especially if you scoff them with plenty of butter. Research at Penn State University, US, found eating it with a high-fat meal makes the podge less likely to settle on your waist. “We found adding it to a meal reduced the amount of fat in your blood by 30%,” says Sheila West, the study author.

How to eat more:

The study discovered that up to two tablespoons in each recipe was enough, so lob that amount into your next bolognese sauce, or spice some roasted apples with it to eat with a pork meal.


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This spice is peppered with a host of get-lean benefits. Most importantly it helps keep you trim by filling your body with enzymes that stop you storing fat, found research in Metabolism. This makes it a valuable ally if you’ve reached your target body fat and want to stay that way. It also helps protect against food pesticides, reduces inflammation and prevents muscle loss in dieters.

How to eat more:

Lob a few tablespoons into your rice when you boil it, or add it to cheesy cauliflower bake. Research at Rutgers University, New Jersey, US, found this bolsters cauliflower’s cancer-bashing potency.