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6 Steps To Preparing The Perfect Ribs

15th December 2016

By MACROS | Published on December 15, 2016

Eating ribs might be at the top of your cheat day list, but not always the easiest to make.

Amongst the bone and membrane, you don’t always get as much meat as you want. So here is our quick how-to guide to preparing perfect, epic ribs.


1. Buy the right meat

When you’re on the hunt for ribs, you want to look for the meatiest rack of beef or pork, whatever you prefer. We like pork baby back ribs as they’re the most tender, but choose to your own taste.


2. Remove the membrane

The very first step when you get them home is to locate the thin membrane off the backside so you can remove it to get a cleaner eating experience and allow the rub to fully penetrate the ribs.


3. Pull it apart

Place the ribs on a cutting board, flesh side down, to see the start of the membrane. Use a pairing knife to release it from the ribs and then, with a paper towel, pull the two apart.


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4. Slip proof your method

It may seem odd to use a paper towel but, when you are removing multiple membranes, it can become a very slippery process, making things hard to hold onto. Now repeat the process on all the racks.


5. Straight cut

Now you’ll want to square up the ribs so they can fit into your BBQ. The first step is to cut off the pointy end part so it’s at a straight angle. Place the ribs bowed side down and use a sharp knife to just cut directly down.


6. End product

Flip the ribs so their bow is facing upward and trim off the skirt. Slice across the top of the meat at the top of the bones and draw a line across the top of the ribs, then slice downward along that line. You’ll be left with the brisket.