Eat Fit: The Ultimate Fat Loss Meal Plan

25th August 2017

By Ray Klerck | Published on August 25, 2017

Consume these meals for the next month and you will drop fat using the most powerful weight loss weapons known to man – your knife and fork.



Option 1: Bowl of oats and mixed berries, cooked together.

Option 2: Two boiled eggs and two slices of rye bread.

Option 3: Muesli, banana and milk.

Option 4: Two-egg omelet with capsicum, chili pepper and mozzarella cheese.

Option 5: Smoothie with berries, banana, mango and egg whites.

Option 6: Mushrooms, spinach, two poached eggs and cream cheese.

Option 7: Quinoa, egg and spinach scramble.


Mid-moring snack

Option 1: Hummus on oatcakes or celery.

Option 2: Whey protein shake, mixed fruits and flaxseed.

Option 3: Two to three boiled eggs (if you didn’t eat them at breakfast) and raw veggies.

Option 4: Sardines on rye toast.

Option 5: Handful of mixed nuts and an apple.

Option 6: Yogurt (plain) with mixed seeds and nuts.

Option 7: Beef jerky.



Option 1: Tuna and avocado salad.

Option 2: Sliced turkey and mixed salad sandwich on whole-wheat.

Option 3: Thai green chicken curry without noodles.

Option 4: Sushi with whole-wheat rice.

Option 5: Pork stir-fry without rice.

Option 6: Chicken breasts with sweet potato and veggies.

Option 7: White fish fillets with one cup of brown rice and veggies.


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Mid-afternoon snack

Option 1: Avocado filled with prawns and light mayo.

Option 2: Chicken soup.

Option 3: Yogurt, sliced banana and mixed nuts in a bowl.

Option 4: Cottage cheese on rice crackers.

Option 5: Tomato, basil leaves, feta and olive oil.

Option 6: Celery and peanut butter.

Option 7: Protein shake or protein bar.



Option 1: Chicken stir-fry on a bed of vegetables.

Option 2: Grilled salmon, half a cup of brown rice and mixed veggies.

Option 3: Ground turkey and bean fajitas.

Option 4: Small fillet steak on bed of vegetables.

Option 5: Sushi.

Option 6: White fish and mixed veggies.

Option 7: Pork san choy bow in lettuce cups