Meal Prep

5 Simple Time-saving Kitchen Hacks

25th February 2017

By MACROS | Published on February 25, 2017

Hate wasting good food or looking for cost-effective tricks to lessen your cooking time? Use these chef-level tips to refuel faster and get more flavour.


1. Portion control

Stuff some spaghetti into an empty 225ml bottle, since it equals just the right amount for an average single serving.

Switch to barley spaghetti because the American Chemical Society found it has more fibre and antioxidant properties than traditional spaghetti, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.


2. Organised paradise

Have a build-up of baby food tins? Then put our creative twist on them and fill them with your favourite spices.

Spices don’t just give your food a lift, they’re also full of health benefits. Take ginger, for example: it reduces muscle soreness and inflammation, found the University of Georgia, US. Add it to green tea to feel all its benefits.


3. Jam jar

Clean and save your favourite jam jars for drinking water because some are like works of art and will make trendy glasses for your next dinner party.

Drink more of the magic H2O because the American Chemical Society found that sipping two 225ml glasses of water before a meal helps to curb your appetite and shed the excess fat.


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4. Cook ‘n’ go

The glass bottles that Coke comes in are beautiful, so make them into cooking oil holders. Push a drizzler into the top of each bottle to get your kitchen looking hip.

Make sure to buy in some extra virgin oil because one of its compounds, oleocanthal, can help battle cancer cells, found research in Molecular & Cellular Oncology.


5. Chocolate heaven

Add a splash of warm milk to the dregs of your Nutella/chocolate spread jar and shake. This quirky hack will give you instant hot chocolate without the price tag.

Sinking two cups of the hot stuff per day may help older people keep their thinking skills sharp, found research by the American Academy of Neurology. It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a mug.