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Edible Flowers: The Blooming Best Trend This Summer?

29th June 2017

By Harriet Mallinson | Published on June 29, 2017

Flowers are normally something to admire in a garden, bouquet or still life – but not so much in your food.

Yet these little beauties are now cropping up all over social media as food lovers become increasingly more creative with floral designs on their cakes, cocktails and coffees this summer.

Once both an expense and rare find, supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s have now started stocking edible flowers at a reasonable price in the UK. Beware though, you can’t just go picking any Tom, Dick and Harry out of the fields as not all flowers can be eaten. Try looking for daisies, roses, lavender, primroses, violets and chrysanthemums among others.

MACROS have scoured Instagram to find you the best blooming creations out there to get you all this inspo you need to get started.


Talk about fruits of the forest

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Puts your morning slice of white toast to shame, no?


The best way to jazz up a simple G&T

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Now that’s a fairytale wedding cake

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Because The Borrowers like sweet things too


Frozen floral fun


So long, Chupa Chups there’s a new lollipop in town



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Flowery Towers

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Who needs glacé cherries when you have flowers on your cupcakes?


Tropical goodness


Probably the prettiest ice lollies ever

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You’ll never assemble a cheese board the same again


Is there anything that hasn’t gone into this mind-blowing cake?


Want any smoothie with your flowers?

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