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How To Maximise Freshness In Your Fridge

10th June 2017

By MACROS | Published on June 10, 2017

Instead of throwing food items into your fridge willy-nilly, follow MACROS’ simple guide on where to place them so you lock in their freshness.


1. Top shelf

This is the warmest part of your fridge, making it ideal for any leftover pizza or meats, as well as pre-prepared food and long-life dairy products like yogurt, dips and hummus.


2. Middle shelf

Due to it having your fridge’s median temperature, it should be used for butter, margarine, cooked meats and covered leftovers. You could also store your sauces and jams here.


3. Door rack

When a fridge is opened, the door rack is the storage area most affected by temperature variance, so use it to store drinks and condiments that won’t be affected by the fluctuation.


4. Bottom shelf

This is the coldest shelf and should be used predominantly to store any raw meat, fish and poultry.


5. Drawer

This is the chilliest part of the whole fridge so keep your fruit, salad and vegetables here for long- lasting freshness. Always make sure they’re well sealed in zip-up bags or containers.