Meal Prep

5 Handy Time-saving Meal Prep Hacks

19th July 2017

By Gavin Allinson | Published on July 19, 2017

Hitting your goals means careful planning in the kitchen, but much of your time creating meals is spent on prep. Use these foolproof ways to sharpen your culinary skills and improve your kitchen efficiency.


1. De-sink your fingers

Garlic reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and can fight the common cold, but cooking with it can leave you with aromatic fingers long after the dish has settled. Rub them on the stainless steel sink for 20 seconds before washing them to remove the odour.


2. Keeping it together

Toss a few pinches of salt onto a chopping board when dicing herbs, it will make them stick to the board better so they don’t fly around.


3. Make the right choice

Tell if your avocado is ripe by removing the stem at the point end of its top. If it’s brown it’s too ripe. If it’s a light yellow it’s just perfect.


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4. Cut the burn of chillies

Enjoy the flavour of chillies without the burn by removing the seeds. You can also do this with peppers using these easy steps.

1. Slice the chilli lengthways from the stem to the tip, keeping the seedpod intact.

2. Turn the chilli over and slice from stem to tip again, dodging the seedpod once more.

3. You’re left with the entire flavour, minus the fiery mouth.


5. Tool up

Pistachios are tasty and crucial part of anyone’s diet. Research at the American Association for Cancer Research found that they reduce your chance of getting lung and other cancers.

To get to them you need to crack them yourself and there’s always a few you can’t quite do, until now. Find the smallest slit and force a used shell into the opening, now twist and pop it open. Every last morsel in the bag can now be yours.