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How Good Are Brits At Dieting?

5th January 2018

By Harriet Mallinson | Published on January 5, 2018

If there was ever a time to embark on a diet, the beginning of January is it. But will you still be so strict come the end of the month?

A new study has revealed that, as a nation, Brits stick to a diet for just seven weeks in total on average, with both men and women seeing the most weight loss after just five days.

Researchers from cheese brand Laughing Cow, who studied the health habits of 2,000 people in Britain, discovered that Brits aim to shift more than 10lb on a diet, but in reality lose just 5lb. Even more tragically, most of this weight will be put back on again shortly after giving up on the diet.

This endless cycle of dieting failure sees the average Briton starting and abandoning three diets a year. That makes a staggering 189 diets in a lifetime!

MACROS have created an infographic based on Laughing Cow’s findings to unveil how Brits really go about dieting.


brits dieting


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The findings were revealed to coincide with The Laughing Cow’s Snaccident campaign which promotes mindful snacking. Alexandra Labaisse, Brand Manager at The Laughing Cow said, “By being smarter with your snacking you are much more likely to uphold a healthy balanced diet for longer.

“With so many of us partaking in drastic diets, just one ‘snaccident’ can lead to enough frustration to make us want to throw in the towel, causing millions of diets to prove unsuccessful due to this.

“However, if you ensure that you are planning a variety of enjoyable and mindful snacks with plenty of protein and flavor, this won’t only satisfy your taste buds but will also make you feel fuller for longer whilst helping you maintain a long-term diet.”

Juliette Kellow, a registered dietitian, added, “Snacking is in the spotlight right now with regards to children following a new campaign from Public Health England. However, it’s just as important for adults to snack healthily. The key to healthier snacking is to cut right down on traditional sugary snack foods that are usually high in calories and low in nutrients such as biscuits, chocolate, sweets and baked goods.

“Instead, opt for foods that are lower in calories and provide plenty of nutrients such as protein for keeping muscles healthy, calcium for bones and teeth, and fiber to help fill us up. Paying attention to portion sizes is also vital.”