What Is The Healthiest Coffee To Order?

24th April 2017

By Amy McDonnell | Published on April 24, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Not many people, that’s who. This staple morning pick me up is enjoyed by more than half of Americans over 18 years old, and on average, we consume three and a half cups a day. That’s an awful lot of coffee.

Nutritionally speaking, there is nothing better for you than a classic black coffee. It’s free from everything, but what if you don’t like it? There are alternatives that won’t add unnecessary calories to your day, but that’s when the confusion starts. Is soy milk better than skim? What about almond milk? How bad is whole milk, really?

It can be overwhelming, so we decided to find out what you should order based on data from the most popular coffees ordered in the biggest coffee chain in the world.


Espresso shot

What is it? What it says on the tin, a shot of coffee.

If you love the taste of coffee and want a quick buzz in the morning, then opt for an espresso. It contains just five calories per shot and is free from fats and sugars. Perfect for an early morning meeting.



What is it? One shot of coffee, steamed milk topped with a layer of foam.

While you may automatically assume that ordering this classic drink with skim milk is the healthiest way to go. However, almond milk is actually 20 calories less and you will also save 10g of sugar.

Nutritional information (based on 12oz):

The best: Almond 80kcal | 5g fat | 4g sugar

Not too bad: Skim 100 kcal | 0g fat | 14g sugar

The worst: Whole 180 kcal | 9g fat | 14g sugar


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What is it? Two shots of coffee, frothy milk and a thick layer of foam.

Almond milk may have come out on top for the latte, but the cappuccino is best made with skim milk. At only 60 calories and 0g sugar, keep it classic. If you don’t drink dairy products, pick almond over soy for less sugar and fewer calories. If it’s fat you’re watching then soy is best.

Nutritional information (based on 12oz):

The best: Skim 60kcal | 0g fat | 8g sugar

Not too bad Almond: 80kcal | 5g fat | 4g sugar

The worst Whole: 110kcal | 6g fat | 8g sugar


Flat White

What is it? Two shots of coffee and steamed whole milk.

As you can only order this drink with whole milk, it’s not the healthiest. But at 170 calories, it’s not the worst thing on the menu. Perhaps leave it for those days when you need a little luxury to get you through.



What is it? Chocolate sauce, steamed milk and a shot of coffee.

It’s probably best to avoid a mocha if possible, mainly because it contains, on average, over 25g of sugar! If you just can’t resist the chocolaty goodness, order without the whipped cream and go for skim milk. Of course, sometimes you just have to indulge, so if you go for it, do it justice with full fat. Can you say cheat day?


All information is based on a 12oz/tall coffee from Starbucks unless otherwise stated.


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